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The Research Histology Core provides high quality histology services and instruction to all University of Virginia investigators in a cost-effective, value-added manner.The Histology core provides service in tissue processing, embedding, sectioning and staining with routine hematoxylin and eosin stain and other more specialized tissue stains. This Core is supported through the University of Virginia Cancer Center National Cancer Institute P30 Center Grant.

Core History

This core was launched 20 years ago to serve the histology needs of all UVA basic and clinical researchers. The director is Dr. Kenneth Tung, MD, a renal pathologist. He works closely with Mrs . Sheri VanHoose, the laboratory manager. In addition to Mrs VanHoose, the core is staffed with two highly experience laboratory technologists: Mrs. Virginia Rubianes and Mrs. Joyce Nash

Core Location

The Core is centrally located in the MR4 building, a short walk from 80% of the UVA researchers, and currently provides high quality and rapid service to 90 investigators, with a work load of about 28,000 slides per year. The Research Histology Core has function as an integral component of several NIH funded Research Centers at UVA