How To Apply


*UVA Medical Students*
To apply to SMRI, please complete the SMRI Statement of Interest to share your research interests and goals.  You will receive a response from the SMRI director and links to the Unmatched SMRI projects and SMRI Student Match form.  Please contact the faculty member whose research is of interest to you on the Unmatched SMRI projects for an interview.   After the interview, if the faculty member agrees that you will be a good match for the research project, please complete the SMRI Student Match form.  Once the SMRI Student Match form is confirmed, a final notification is sent regarding selection for the research project.

To participate in this program, students must contact the faculty member about the research project before the end of March.

*Non-UVA Medical Students*
Please contact the Summer Program Coordinator, for instructions for applying to SMRI.


For further questions about applying to the program, please contact:
Summer Program Coordinator