Congratulations to Amanda Ward for the publication of her article in JBC


Our very best congratulations to Amanda Ward, who's paper recently published in JBC is getting recognition in the press. Her paper is now out in print as an editor pick…

The American Association for the Advancement of Science names Dr. Tamm to join the 2018 Class of Fellows


Congratulations to Dr. Lukas Tamm (R) and his colleagues, Dr. Wladek Minor (L) and Dr. Doug DeSimone (ctr.) For more information about all five UVa new AAAS Fellow professors see…

Advocating Science – Biophysical Society’s Lukas Tamm goes to Capitol Hill


Lukas Tamm, President of the Biophysical Society and Director of the Center for Membrane and Cell Physiology engaged politicians on Capitol Hill Bill Gates and Francis Collins (Director of NIH…

F1000 Prime Rating of Excellent for Tamm Lab Journal Article


Reconstitution of calcium-mediated exocytosis of dense-core vesicles  Kreutzberger AJB, Kiessling V, Liang B, Seelheim P, Jakhanwal S, Jahn R, Castle JD, Tamm LK. Journal article rated Exceptional by F1000 faculty…

Biochemistry selects Iga Kucharska as the winner of the inaugural Gordon Hammes Scholar Award!


Dr. Iga Kucharska, formerly a postdoctoral scientist with the Tamm Lab was announced as the winner of the inaugural Gordon Hammes Scholar Award by ACS Publications, publishers of Biochemistry.  The…

Congratulations to Alex Kreutzberger for Successfully Defending his Dissertation


Alex successfully defended his PhD dissertation on "Reconstitution of SNARE Mediated Membrane Fusion".