Professional Category: Alumni

Chase Amos


Chase Amos from Roanoke, VA., worked in the Tamm Lab during his time as a UVa undergrad pursuing a B.Sc. in Chemistry with a specialization in Biochemistry. Chase graduated from…

Alfred Kwok, PhD


Professor Alfred Kwok from Pomona College, California was a visiting professor in the Tamm lab during the 2007/2008 academic year. While researching the whereabouts of Tamm Lab alumni, we discovered…

Jacob Wolpe


Jake was a graduate student working in the Tamm lab until 2019. Jake earned his Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology from James Madison University. Publications: Growth Coordination During Drosophila melanogaster…

Amanda Ward


Amanda Ward is a Graduate Student in the Tamm Lab and she is in the University of Virginia MD/PhD Program. Amanda received her PhD in February of 2021. She is…

Maya Cabot, Ph.D.


Hometown: Charlottesville, VA B.A.: Haverford College, 2010  

Alex Kreutzberger


Alex Kreutzberger has moved on to Harvard University in 2020 to work with the Kirchhausen Lab. Alex, a Charlotte, NC native, earned his PhD at the University of Virginia while…