healersArtSkeletonThe Healer’s Art course will encourage students to:

  • Identify, strengthen and cultivate the human dimensions of the practice of medicine
  • Recognize the commonality of personal concerns among their peers and gain support for personal development from peers and faculty
  • Accept the universality of loss and pain
  • Recognize grief as a self-care strategy for physicians, and identify strategies and tools of grieving
  • Recognize the importance of community for the healing of grief
  • Trust the power of listening and presence to heal others
  • Recognize that who they are is as important to their patients as what they know
  • Recognize and respond to the dimension of Mystery in the experience of illness
  • Strengthen and clarify a personal commitment to medicine as a life’s work
  • Develop greater comfort with death and the death beliefs of patients
  • Recognize the legitimacy of awe in medicine, and develop the capacity for awe

Seen on the right is Dr. Bryce Kellams as a medical student at UCSF.  Dr. Kellams was a student in Dr. Remen’s first Healer’s Art course.  He will be one of the mentors for our course!