Combining Strengths With Health System Marketing

All Good Things

I wanted to provide some additional information as we move forward with the School of Medicine websites.  (the original email announcement is below)

As Kathleen, Harry and I integrate into the Strategic Relations and Marketing Group, we will continue to support your site, assist with content, and provide weekly editor training as we have in the past.

We will also be looking for ways to:

  •   Increase the quality of our web content
  •   Reduce the learning curve for new editors
  •   Provide best practices for site-wide accessibility

In the new year we will begin making some small, progressive improvements in design and usability, and will be working with you/your site for usability improvements.

Your feedback is important — it not only helps your website, but other departmental sites as well.  You can make requests and suggestions at anytime via email, our website, and in our returning editors’ meetings – look for the next of these starting in January.

Thank you or all the work you do; and please let us know how we can help.


And here is an excerpt from the original announcement on Oct 20th: 

(T)he School of Medicine Dean’s office web group consisting of Ray Nedzel (Web Master), Harry Moxley (Digital Media and Video Producer) and Kathleen Mueller (Web Content Coordinator) will report up through Chris Sullivan in the Medical Center’s Strategic Relations and Marketing Group.   Ray, Harry and Kathleen will continue to provide excellent service to the School of Medicine as the School will be their only customer.  These three will also continue to be employees of the School of Medicine and will attend the various School of Medicine meetings and events.  You will continue to contact these three in the same manner you have always used.   You will see as much of them with this reporting change as you did before.   This reporting change will take effect immediately. 

This change enables us to take advantage of the strength of the “system ness” of the Health System (School of Medicine, Medical Center and UPG).  This change will enable Ray, Harry and Kathleen to have access to additional resources to provide their services.  They will also have access to a larger group of colleagues doing the type of work they do which will give them staff to help them refine ideas and best practices.  We should see an enhanced School web site as the result of this change. 

Thank you.