Editor’s Meeting and Farewell to Ray

Dear School of Medicine Web Editors and Contributors – I want to say thank you to you; so please save the date, and plan to join me for what will be my final update to the faculty and staff about the School of Medicine website. Time/Place: Date: Thursday, October 5th Time: 9:30 am for coffee and light breakfast fare; 10:00 am for short meeting; 10:30-11:30 am for more coffee and discussions Location:  Sandridge Auditorium, 1st Floor, McKim Hall   Details coming about this … [Read more...]

Ongoing weekly WordPress training sessions in 2016

We offer ongoing, personalized WordPress training and one-on-one work sessions for editors at the School of Medicine. Please sign up by clicking the sign up button to the right. Classes are now scheduled every other Thursday and the one-on-one work sessions will continue each week. All rooms and are located in the Health Sciences Library, 1st Floor. Class Types/Class Offerings: WP@SOM-101 — An instructor led introduction to editing in WordPress at the School of Medicine. Free Help/Working … [Read more...]

Web Editors Meeting Notes – Feb 23, 2016

Web Editors Meeting Minutes.  February 23, 2016.  Sandridge Auditorium, McKim Hall, School of Medicine. In Attendance: Leah Beard, Christa Bennett, Elizabeth Blough, Andrew Christie, Ashley Cobbler, Colleen Conner, Emma Donovan, Terri Ellison, Alan Farr, Lydia Fetcho, Joyce Fortune, Kellie Gildersleeve, Emily Guam, Lisa Haney, Charlotte Hardwick, Kim Holman, Patricia James, Dawn Kidd, Jolene Kidd, Micheal Kidd, Carolyn Maguire, Kathe Morrison, Kathleen Mueller, Harry Moxley, Karen Neale, Ray … [Read more...]

All In

In 2013, we began moving sites, one by one.  By August 2015 we had moved 40 sites into WordPress and set the great project/task of migrating another 143 sites into WordPress by the end of the year.  143 sites in 4.5 months.  Mostly by hand -- some migration scripting, and a bunch of rethinking and rebuilding from scratch. We Did It. I should say that you -- the editors, the temps, the server team, the department leaders, and Kim -- did it. 100% of the school of medicine sites, previously in … [Read more...]

Migration Update Nov 17, 2015

We are well on our way of making our goal of migrating all School of Medicine sites from one CMS into another. Sites are going live in our new CMS, WordPress nearly everyday. Here is an update table as of November 17, 2015. Departmental, Division, or Academic Unit % Complete Dentistry 100 Biomedical Ethics and Humanities 100 Mini-Med School 100 Medical Student Advocacy Committee 100 Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) 100 Student Affairs 100 Medical Simulation … [Read more...]

Update on Migration Schedule – Oct 11, 2015

We're making great progress on our site migrations from Plone into WordPress -- and we're on our new server with new, tighter security.  Below is the schedule to complete by Thanksgiving.  I know it's in a bit of a code. As of now, FWIW, in shortcode: in process this week (oct 11, 2015) starts next week starts the following week starts the following week starts the following week and ends before T-Day 50 -- means it is underway and in the hands of a departmental editor 100 -  means 100% … [Read more...]

More Training Dates/Times Added

Full Training here: Offerings: WP@SOM-101  -- An instructor led introduction to editing in Wordpress at the School of Medicine. Plus Free Help/Working Sessions where you can get one on one help on your specific WordPress concerns. Prerequisite: Please watch the training videos on WordPress 101, on you future site, or on our training site.  Log onto your site or the training site; and watch the first 16 short videos (you need … [Read more...]

Migration Schedule (updated July 15, 2015)

Updated July 15, 2015 Website Migration to WordPress START Date  % comp. Site/Task Biomedical Sciences Graduate Studies 2012 100 Cancer Research 2012 100 Department of Medicine Annual Report 2014 2013 100 Information Technologies at UPG and SOM 2013 100 Digital Communications 2013 100 Department of Medicine Annual Report FY 2013 2014 100 Hospital Drive 2014 100 Kids Matter 2014 100 Medicine Matters 2014 100 Pediatric Center of Excellence in … [Read more...]

WordPress Migration Plan – 2015

School of Medicine: Website Migration to WordPress Prepared by Ray Nedzel, Webmaster, UVA School of Medicine, (updated June 15, 2015) Synopsis After extensive consultation with web editors, web professionals, and usability experts, the School of Medicine (SOM) Webmaster – with support of the technology team – is reengineering the new School of Medicine website using WordPress – one of the world's most popular Content Management Systems. The project began in 2013 moving iteratively to confirm … [Read more...]

Controlling Your Sidebars: Widget Logic

Ever want to display a widget in a sidebar, but not know how to make it NOT display in that sidebar in some places on your site? Everyone does. There is a tool within our WordPress installation called "Widget Logic." It's a more advance WordPress tool because it asks you to write tiny snippets of code called "WordPress Conditionals." These conditionals are basic "if/then" statements using PHP syntax and are very easy to learn. Widget Logic can be intimidating to folks. But, really, it's just a … [Read more...]