Web Editing Made Easier

person typing on laptop keyboardOur team continues working to make the UVA School of Medicine websites easier to edit and more user friendly.

We have reduced the need to use HTML coding through the use of page builder blocks and the TablePress plugin. HTML tables have been replaced with TablePress tables and HTML accordions have been replaced with page builder accordion blocks.  Also, we have updated faculty profile pages where needed.  We have done our best to identify and replace all tables and accordions but may not have caught all of them. So if you notice something has not been updated on your site, please contact us or sign up for a Thursday Session.

Additionally, new help pages have been added to the Web Support site. They can assist with the latest updates and common questions. Each page has step-by-step instructions as well as options to sign up for our Thursday Sessions, in case the pages do not provide the help your website needs.

These new pages are in a new Tutorials section

Please feel free to send us your feedback and as always we appreciate your patience throughout this process.

Thank You!

Kathleen Mueller
Tel: 434.297.7580

Alan Farr
Tel: 434.924.9066