Graduation Video

Last month we welcomed to our staff Harry Moxley, Digital Media and Video Producer.  Harry comes to us from the DC area with years of experience -- including over 7 years as a producer for the Discovery Channel. Last Sunday was Gradation and the Diploma Ceremony -- and we followed the Medical students that day with a camera and a goPro -- and below is what Harry put together from that footage.  It was sent to the graduating class and the dean of each School of Medicine College. If you have … [Read more...]

Making Slideshows with Gallery Slideshows: New Tutorial!

Want to add a slideshow to your site? We now have a very simple, lightweight plugin that helps you build a slideshow where you want it. It's called "Gallery Slideshow" and we have posted a new tutorial to walk you through the steps. Note: For those of you who had used Soliloquy or Slidedeck in the past, we are removing those plugins soon and will assist you with converting your slideshows to this new tool. Although those tools were very "fancy," we found that there were many conflicts with code … [Read more...]

Student Life Video Project

We have begun interviewing students for what will become a 16 student interview section of (a yet to be developed, but will also be developed Student Life and Admissions section of our website). In this project we are working closely with professional videographers in Charlottesville, and Gabrielle Marzani-Nissen, M.D., Assistant Dean for Admissions. The Dean approved the hiring of consultants for this project, as our video capacity has been out stripped by our video demand.  We're looking … [Read more...]