Kathleen Bids Farewell to the SoM

I want to start by thanking each editor, past and present, of SoM websites.

It has been an honor to usher in a new content management system, a new template and many content updates to all sites that make up the SoM web presence.

I came on board to help with the migration from PLONE to WordPress in 2015, and worked with many on additions and tweaks to sites throughout the years. I have enjoyed, immensely, working with everyone.

But as a website is something that is never static and is always improving and changing; I too have a change to announce. I will be moving to a new job and Aug 23rd will be my last day with the University of Virginia School of Medicine. I have taken another job with a local video & film production company, Silverthorn Films, as their coordinating producer.

Alan Farr (e:DAF4A@hscmail.mcc.virginia.edu, p: (434) 924-9066) will be handling all requests as the SoM Web Team transitions and continues to build a stronger and better web presence.

Thank you for this incredible experience and all the great times!  I wish everyone the best!!

— Kathleen