SOM New Template Update: November 14th

We continue to move forward on the new template for all School of Medicine sites and wanted to keep all editors and stakeholders up to date on our progress and let you know our next steps.

Next Steps

A copy of all content from the SOM websites will be made and added to the development site (dev site). This dev site is essentially a work area, and as such, is not live or viewable to the public. This is where we will begin building out the sites in the new template. Our plan is to begin this process in early December. During this time, your existing site will still operate as normal.

Please note: Any content you add to your existing site after we begin working on the dev sites will have to be added again to the new version of your site once it’s been launched. So, it’s important that you keep a record of any updates. You’ll be notified once we know the specific date of when this should begin.

Review Process

As the SOM web team completes work on the individual sites, you’ll be contacted and asked to review your site (still on the dev site at this point). Changes or questions can be communicated to us via email or in person. As the review process begins,  we will be setting aside our normal Thursday WordPress work session and creating 1-hour slots for web editors to come in for a face-to-face meeting.

What’s Next for Web Editors

  • Continue to work on cleaning up their media library and adding alt text to images.
  • As we move forward with the new templates, we’ll be sending out notifications for:
    • The date when editors should start keeping records of any updates to their site.
    • Requests to review your site in the new template (still on the dev site).

Stay tuned for more info via email and this blog! If you have any questions or need assistance, just let us know.

Kathleen Mueller
Tel: 434.297.7580

Alan Farr
Tel: 434.924.9066