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May 2023 – Ray’s hooding ceremony and goodbye party


He will be dearly missed by everyone in the lab. Best wishes to him and his lovely wife, Min!  

April 2023 – Ray’s paper is accepted for publication at iScience (Cell Press)


Ovarian cancer-initiating cells go through dichotomous fate: most stall quickly while a few rare mutant cells goes a long way. Therefore, we must understand what's so special about those progressing…

February 2023 – welcome our lab’s newest graduate student, Elaina Ball


Elaina will join the breast cancer team to study the responses of innate immunity at the onset of triple-negative breast cancer

January 2023 – welcome our lab’s newest research scientist, Dr. Wenjie Liu


Wenjie will join brain cancer team to harness Toxoplasma to remodel tumor immune environment in brain tumors to enable effective immunotherapy.

November 2022 – Hui’s collaborative Pew Innovative Award with Todd Stukenberg got funded


Combining mutations and structural changes in a mouse to model human cancer progression and immune evasion

September 2022 – Hui’s collaborative NIH U54 grant with Kevin Janes and Todd Stukenberg got funded


Systems Analysis of Stress-adapted Cancer Organelles (SASCO) Center

July 2022 – Hui’s collaborative DoD OCRP grant with Jennifer Scalici got funded


Before the chicken or the egg: Modulating ovarian hormonal and inflammatory inputs to interrupt carcinogenesis in a novel murine model of spontaneous EO

April 2022 – Hui’s collaborative MIC Innovation Grant with Isabelle Derre got funded


Disruption of fallopian tube tissue homeostasis by Chlamydia infection

April 2022 – welcome our lab’s newest member, Dr. Xian Zhou


Xian will join a multi-disciplinary team to study immune engagement prior to malignancy in triple-negative breast cancer