Woodfolk, Judith A.

Judith A. Woodfolk

Judith A. Woodfolk

Primary Appointment

Associate Professor, Medicine: Allergy and Clinical Immunology


  • MD, Medicine, Sheffield University
  • MBChB, Medicine, Sheffield University
  • MB,ChB, Medicine, Sheffield University
  • PhD, Microbiology, University of Virginia

Contact Information

MR-4, 5061
Charlottesville, VA 22908
Telephone: 434-924-1293
Email: jaw4m@virginia.edu

Research Interests

Immune Response to Allergens

Research Description

Studies in my lab focus on defining T cell responses to allergens using human-based in vitro systems. Ongoing projects include: Mechanisms of T Cell Dysregulation in Severe Allergic Disease; Investigation of the Immunomodulatory Properties of Novel Allergen Molecules Which Target Antigen Presenting Cells; Analysis of the Mechanism of Action of the Th2-Promoting Cytokine, TSLP, in Allergic Individuals.

Selected Publications