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Ai named UVA School of Medicine Pinn Scholar & promoted to full professor


Huiwang Ai has been selected as a Pinn Scholar for 2023-2026. The Pinn Scholars program is named in honor of Dr. Vivian Pinn who was a graduate of the UVA…

Paper on amber-emitting luciferase and immunobioluminescence imaging published in JACS


The paper by Ying, Yiyu, and several other co-authors on an engineered¬†amber-emitting luciferase and in vivo immunobioluminescence imaging¬†is now published in the ACS flagship journal, Journal of the American Chemical…

Paper on bioluminescent calcium imaging published in Nature Communications


The paper by Xiaodong, Yiyu, and several other co-authors on luciferase prosubstrates and red bioluminescent calcium indicators for imaging brain activity is now published in Nature Communications ().

Paper on UDP-GlcNAc sensors published in ACS Central Science


The paper by Zefan and Jing on fluorescent UDP-GlcNAc sensors is now published in the ACS flagship journal, ACS Central Science ().

Highly Cited Paper (top 1% in Chemistry)


As of 2020, our manuscript "Reaction-Based Genetically Encoded Fluorescent Hydrogen Sulfide Sensors" is a highly cited paper (in the top 1% of the academic field of Chemistry based on a…