What’s Curvita

A brief introduction of Curvita

We have supplanted multiple Graduate Programs Office databases with a single data management instrument named Curvita.

Curvita is a data management system which works as a single hub for managing faculty and departmental data through its web-based interface.  Curvita’s purpose is to combine data from separate systems, link them together in a single centralized system, and leverage the data into NIH biosketches and T32 training grant tables.

Curvita Benefits (relative to past databases)

1)    Direct web accessible – just paste the following link into your browser:


2)    Secure access via Netbadge and your usual UVa login ID and password

3)    Citations importation from PubMed including:

  1. PMIDs and PMCIDs
  2. Full references
  3. Abstracts
  4. Permits one-tick selection and de-selection of articles for display

4)    Biosketch creation – autoformatted for NIH or NSF – output in MSWord or PDF.

5)    Research Faculty Directory (RFD) simplification – faculty can now update their RFD listing by directly editing information in Curvita which is then ported to the RFD.

6)    Web pages – BIMS and other web pages will port information from Curvita

7)    Training Grants – PI or administrator can generate all T32 Tables via the web interface.

The Graduate Programs Office’s support of Curvita includes

  • Providing the introduction of Curvita to faculty and staff
  • Resolving data-entry issues.
  • Resolving Curvita-to-RFD migration issues