NIH Training Programs

Training Program Contacts

Please contact the Graduate Programs Office if you have questions or updates.

ProgramContactEmailLocationMail BoxOffice Phone Office Fax
Biomedical Data Sciences Training ProgramProgram Administrator:
Margo Jacobson
mmj9r@virginia.eduPinn Hall Rm 3031Box 800759 243-3325 982-3912
Biomedical Data Sciences Training ProgramDirector:
Jason Papin
Rm. 2041a
Box 800759924-8195982-3870
Biotechnology Training Program Program Administrator:
Phillis Hynes Aurbach MRB Box 800867243-9375
Biotechnology Training Program Director:
Silvia Blemkar
Rm. 2133
Box 400746 924-6291
Cancer Training ProgramProgram Administrator:Virginia Pinn 7012Box 800734243-2831982-1071
Cancer Training ProgramDirector:
Amy Bouton
ahb8y@virginia.eduPinn 7043Box 800734924-2513 982-1071
Cardiovascular Research Training ProgramProgram Administrator:
Katharine Sutphen MR-5
Rm 1010
Box 801394982-3792924-2828
Cardiovascular Research Training ProgramDirector:
Gary Owens MR-5
Rm 1322
Box 801394924-2652924-2828
CMB Training ProgramProgram Administrator:
Bill Garmer
mrm9vf@virginia.eduPinn Hall Rm 6007Box 800738924-1997924-5069
CMB Training ProgramDirector:
Todd Stukenberg
pts7h@virginia.eduPinn HallBox 800733924-5252924-5069
Immunology Training ProgramProgram Administrator:
Sherri Smith MR-6 Rm 3521Box 801386924-1274924-1221
Immunology Training ProgramDirector:
Vic Engelhard MR-6 Rm 3523Box 801386924-2423924-1221
Infectious Diseases and Global Biothreats Training ProgramsProgram Administrator:
Kathy McGrath MR-6Box 800419 924-0181924-0075
Infectious Diseases and Global Biothreats Training ProgramsDirector:
William Petri MR-6
Rm 1709
Box 801340924-5621924-0075
Medical Scientist Training M.D./Ph.D. ProgramProgram Administrator:
Kate Creveling Med Ed. Bldg., Rm 3131Box 800739924-1294924-0140
Medical Scientist Training M.D./Ph.D. ProgramDirector:
Dean Kedes Pinn Hall
Box 800734243-2758982-1071
Summer Research Internship ProgramProgram Administrator:
Johnice Brown McKim Hall Rm 1107 Box 800738
Summer Research Internship ProgramDirector:
Adrian Halme McKim Hall Rm 1154 Box 800738
Training in the Pharmacological SciencesProgram Administrator:
Deborah Steele Pinn Hall Rm 5013A Box 800735982-4348924-5207
Training in the Pharmacological SciencesDirector:
Kevin Lynch
Pinn Hall Rm 5227 Box 800735