PhD Degree Programs

Degree Program Contacts

Please contact the Graduate Programs Office if you have questions or updates.

ProgramContactsEmailLocationMail BoxOffice PhoneOffice Fax
PhD: Biochemistry & Molecular GeneticsDirector of Graduate Studies:
Jeff Smith
jss5y@virginia.eduPinn Hall
Rm 6229A
Box 800733243-5864924-5069
PhD: Biochemistry & Molecular GeneticsProgram Administrator:
Patrick Sheets
ctt5rd@virginia.eduMcKim Hall
Room 1127
Box 800738924-1997924-5069
MS / PhD: Biomedical EngineeringDirector of Graduate Studies:
Shayne Peirce-Cottler MR-5
Box 800759 243-5795982-3870
MS / PhD: Biomedical EngineeringProgram Administrator:
Kimberly Fitzhugh-Higgins MR-5 2016
Box 800759 924-6937982-3870
PhD: BiophysicsDirector of Graduate Studies:
Ilya Levental
il2sy@virginia.eduPinn Hall
4th Floor
PhD: BiophysicsProgram Administrator:
Nick Barrales
McKim Hall Rm 1105
Box 800738 924-1744 924-0140
PhD: Cell Biology
Co-Director of Graduate Studies:
Jim Casanova
jec9e@virginia.eduPinn Hall Rm 3024Box 800732243-4821
PhD: Cell BiologyCo-Director of Graduate Studies:
Xiaowei Lu
xl6f@virginia.eduPinn Hall Rm 3025Box 800732982-6528
PhD: Cell BiologyProgram Administrator:
Mary T. Hall
mthall@virgina.eduMcKim Hall Rm 1123Box 800734924-2835982-3912
PhD: Experimental PathologyCo-Director of Graduate Studies:
Tim Bullock
tb5v@virginia.eduMR-6 Rm G526Box 800734982-1932 924-9824
PhD: Experimental PathologyCo-Director of Graduate Studies:
Hui Li
l9r@virginia.eduMR-6 Rm B524Box 800734982-6680243-7244
PhD: Experimental PathologyProgram Administrator:
Mary T. Hall
mthall@virginia.eduMcKim Hall
Rm 1123
Box 800904297-7016924-1131
PhD: Microbiology
Director of Graduate Studies:
Lucy Pemberton MSB Rm 7201 Box 800577 243-6737984-1236
PhD: MicrobiologyProgram Administrator:
Jennifer Hamlin
ajr9xq@virginia.eduMcKim Hall Rm 1131Box 800156924-5611
PhD: Neuroscience
Director of Graduate Studies:
Mark Beenhakker Pinn Hall Rm 5058Box 800735243-8497
PhD: NeuroscienceProgram Administrator:
Kim Knotts
kdk2g@virginia.eduMcKim Hall Rm 1129Box 801392982-4285703-995-4494
PhD: PharmacologyDirector of Graduate Studies:
Thurl Harris
teh3c@virginia.eduPinn Hall
Rm 5221
Box 800735924-1584982-3878
PhD: PharmacologyProgram Administrator:
Nick Barrales
nlb3pc@virginia.eduMcKim Hall
Rm 1105
Box 800735924-1920924-5207
PhD: Physiology Director of Graduate Studies:
Swapnil Sonkusare
Rm 6071
Box 801394297-7401924-2828
PhD: Physiology Program Administrator:
Nick Barrales
nlb3pc@virginia.eduMcKim Hall
Rm 1105
Box 800738 924-1744924-0140