The Bioinformatics Core at UVA serves as a centralized resource for providing expert and timely bioinformatics consulting and data analysis solutions. The core offers services to investigators within and outside of UVA for the management and analysis of biological datasets produced by high-throughput omics experiments. The Bioinformatics Core is located on the first floor in Pinn Hall (Room # 1312). 


Funding Models


A frequently asked question is whether research methodology consultants should be co-authors on scientific papers.Decisions about authorship should be independent of consideration of funding sources. As recommended in published guidelines (Parker & Berman: Criteria for authorship for statisticians in medical papers. Statistics in Medicine 17: 2289-2299), “The basis of financial support should be the time/effort spent on a project and the basis for authorship should be whether [the consultant] has made a scientific contribution to the project.” Also, note that, if appropriate, it is often beneficial to include bioinformaticians as authors in publications since those are considered as the most critical evidence of long-term bioinformatics collaborations in most current grant funding reviews.

Examples of scientific contributions are the following.

  1. The core bioinformatician develops new methods to meet the project’s needs, or she/he combines existing techniques in a novel way.
  2. The core bioinformatician has a major role in designing the study.
  3. The core bioinformatician writes part of the manuscript other than a standard paragraph or two describing which methods were used.
  4. The core bioinformatician is asked to critique an initial draft and spends a considerable amount of time suggesting alternative wording and presentation of results.
  5. The core bioinformatician provides data analysis along with biological interpretation of results.

By JAMA’s criteria for authorship for statistical experts involved in data analysis and interpretation, an analytical consultant is a co-author if (1) he/she took part in the drafting of the manuscript or (2) he/she was involved in a critical revision of the manuscript for important intellectual content.

Above all, it is important for the researcher and core personnel working on the project to agree on criteria for authorship early in their collaboration.

Data Handling

Unless otherwise specified, all data is stored on networked storage drives with cross-building replication (all data are periodically copied to a second storage server located in a different building from the primary file server to provide fault-tolerant storage in two different locations). All data housed by the UVA Bioinformatics Core may be subject to deletion after long periods (e.g. months) of inactivity, if no future Bioinformatics Core services are needed in the foreseeable future. Every attempt will be made to contact and warn clients before any data is deleted. Data can be transferred over the web or via external hard drives. Hard drives can either be purchased from the core or shipped to us by the client. Data will be copied to one location (hard drive or web server) as part of the service cost.

Terms and Conditions