How To Acknowledge Core


Bioinformatics Core believes in team science. Authorship is one of the important factors that helps Bioinformatics Core with employee hiring, their career development, employee retention and motivation. Authorship invitations are expected for all manuscripts where Bioinformatics Core staff have made a key contribution. Examples of key contribution include novel methods developed, any custom analysis, figures generated (multiple) for the data analysis that are used in the manuscript etc. Paying for the Bioinformatics consultation is not a substitute for authorship. Running preliminary analysis (help with data submission, data QC check, data mapping etc., is not typically worthy of authorship.

All manuscript submissions or presentation that utilizes the Bioinformatics Core are required to include: “Bioinformatics analysis was done by Bioinformatics Core, RRID:SCR_012718″ in the acknowledgement section of their manuscripts.”