• Custom bioinformatics / biostatistical support
  • Proteomics
  • Gene expression profiling (Bulk): RNA-seq and microarray
  • Small RNA-seq data analysis
  • Allele-specific gene expression analysis
  • Single Cell RNA-seq (scRNA-seq) (expression profiling, cluster generation, cluster annotation, Marker gene identification, pseudotime trajectory analysis, pathway analysis, etc.)
  • Single Cell ATAC-seq (scATAC-seq) analysis
  • Integrated scRNA-seq and scATAC-seq data analysis
  • DNA variation (variant calling and annotation (SNP) and GWAS)
  • Copy number variation (Aneuploidy, insertion/deletion etc.)
  • Genome-wide quantification of DNA double-strand
  • DNA protein binding (ChIP-seq, CHIRP-seq, etc.)
  • RNA binding (CLIP-seq, PAR-CLIP, CLASH, etc.)
  • DNA methylation: sequence-based analysis and array-based analysis
  • Microbiome data analysis (16S rRNA, shotgun metagenomics, etc.)
  • Metabolomics data analysis (Targeted & Untargeted)
  • Pathway and functional analysis
  • Survival analysis (with TCGA sequencing and clinical data)
  • CRISPR screening experimental design and data analysis
  • Power Analysis (Estimation of sample size)
  • Grant and manuscript support

If the data analysis service of your need is not listed above, please contact Pankaj Kumar to enquire about support for custom projects.