Rates current as of December 2016

Payment from outside the University of Virginia can be made with a credit card, check or wire transfer. See instructions for billing outside user policies.

Approved grants receive a co-payment from the Cancer Center. The co-payment is automatically applied through the iLab billing system.

The rates shown were current as of December 2016 but are subject to change.


 Service University of Virginia Outside rate
Mass determination by MALDI-staff $50.00 $80.75
Mass determination by MALDI-Open Access $30.00 N/A
ESI-LC molecular weight analysis $250.00 $403.75
ESI-LC molecular weight analysis with MS/MS spectra $300.00 $484.50
High Resolution / Mass Accuracy
Surcharge to ESI MS or MS/MS
$100.00  $161.50
Simple Mixture ESI LC-MS/MS identification in low complexity samples $400.00 $646.00
Peptide Mass Fingerprinting $250.00 $403.75
Post-translational modification analysis or De Novo sequencing
(pricing is per protein)
$1,250 $2,018.75
Complex Mixture MS/MS
ESI-LC-MS/MS identification high complexity (solution or Gel LC-MS)
$1,250 $1,250
MRM setup (per compound) $400.00 $646.00
MRM sample for quantification $100.00 $161.50
Special handling $100.00 $161.50
Service University of Virginia Outside rate
HPLC setup for one or more samples $56 $90.44
HPLC per injection, no collection $46 $74.29
HPLC per injection, collection of fractions $60 $96.90
HPLC method development $202 $326.23
 lyophilizer  $35  $56.53
Scan slide with Aperio ScanScope, standard $10  $16.15
Scan slide, complex or oil immersion lens $25  $40.38
training for slide scanner $60/person $96.90/person
Service University of Virginia Outside rate
Fluorescent plate reader, first 10 minutes $15 $23.10
Fluorescent plate reader, per hour after first 10 minutes $15 $23.10
Create new account for fluorescent plate reader and introductory training $25 $40.38
Absorbance plate reader  $7  $11.31
circular dichroism spectropolarimeter $28/hr $45.22/hr
xCELLigence cell analysis instrument $20/day  $32.30
fortéBIO Octet molecular interactions,instrument use/hour $29/hr  $46.84