Wagner Fellowship Awards 2016/2017-Liz Hoffman and Drew Grainger

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Robert R. Wagner

1923 – 2001

Robert R. Wagner, M.D., was a major force in the growth of the Department of Microbiology and the Cancer Center at the University of Virginia and was a pioneer in the field of molecular virology. Dr. Wagner provided seminal research into the action of interferons, the assembly of viruses, and the structure of membranes. He served as Professor and Chair of Microbiology from 1967 – 1994, the Director of the Cancer Center and Weaver Professor of Oncology from 1984, and the founding Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Virology. His warm friendship, devotion to science, and wise and unfailing mentorship provided and remains an exceptional inspiration to his colleagues and students.

Robert R. Wagner Fellowships  The fellowships provide support for exceptional students earning their doctoral degrees in graduate programs affiliated with the Biomedical Sciences at the University of Virginia.