Cardiac Valve

Scott Lim, MD

Scott Lim, MD – Director, Cardiac Valve Fellowship Program


We are not accepting applications for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Advanced Cardiac Valve Fellowship Program
Director: D. Scott Lim, MD

UVA’s Advanced Cardiac Valve Center offers advanced fellowship training to cardiologists and surgeons in diagnostic and therapeutic modalities for cardiac valve disease. Trainees have research and clinical responsibilities that aid their education carried out alongside internationally respected faculty.

During the Advanced Cardiac Valve fellowship, trainees are educated in, and gain direct experience with a variety of therapies, including:


A list of faculty who teach and/or conduct research related to the cardiac valve program is available here:

More Information

We welcome your interest in the UVA Cardiac Valve Fellowship Program. For more information, call or send an email to:

Kara Watts, Cardiac Valve Program Administrator
Phone: 434-924-3375

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