Application Instructions

We are not accepting applications for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Advanced Cardiac Valve Fellowship Program:
How to Apply

To be eligible for this advanced fellowship, you must be in the third year of your general cardiology fellowship.

Application requirements:

  • Online application form (click the “submit” box at the bottom to send)
  • Curriculum vitae (see below)
  • Personal statement (see below)
  • Three letters of recommendation (see below for details)

CV and personal statement:
We prefer you email these documents to us (rather than include them as part of the online application form). Ensure they are clearly labeled with your name and contact information, and email them to Kara Watts, Cardiac Valve Fellowship Coordinator (

Alternatively, you can send paper versions of your CV and personal statement via fax or postal service (again, make sure they are clearly labeled):

Fax: 434-244-7581

Mailing address:

Kara Watts, Program Administrator
UVA Division of Cardiovascular Medicine
1215 Lee Street, Room 2304
PO Box 800662
Charlottesville, VA 22908

Letters of recommendation:
We require three letters of recommendation, one from each of the following:

  • Your cardiology fellowship program director
  • Chief of the division of cardiology at your current institution
  • Your research mentor, if applicable

Letters should be addressed to Dr. Scott Lim, Cardiac Valve Fellowship Program Director, and mailed to the address above.

Letters must be individually signed and placed in sealed envelopes; preferably, they should be sent directly from the recommender’s office. Additional letters of reference are welcome.

More information:
Call or email Kara Watts: 434-924-3375 //

Online application form