Vascular Medicine

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Aditya Sharma, MBBS

Advanced Vascular Medicine Fellowship Program Director:
Aditya Sharma, MBBS

The mission of the Vascular Medicine Training Program in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine is to educate fellow-physicians in the care of complex vascular patients. Training covers outpatient and inpatient management of patients; diagnostic testing (primarily non-invasive vascular laboratory testing); and a range of therapies and treatment options, including:

  • medical therapy for symptoms and to promote cardiovascular risk reduction
  • antithrombotic therapy
  • vascular surgery
  • endovascular therapy
  • vascular imaging.
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A list of faculty who teach/conduct research in vascular medicine is available here: Vascular Medicine Fellowship Program teaching faculty

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We welcome your interest in the UVA Vascular Medicine Fellowship Program (Detailed program information).

For more information, call or send an email to:
Aditya Sharma, MBBS, Advanced Vascular Medicine Fellowship Program Director