2013-2014 CGR


Cardiovascular Medicine Grand Rounds

Jordan Hall Auditorium
Monday from 12:00-1:00pm unless otherwise indicated


August 26th
Dr. Peter McCullough
Cardiorenal Syndromes

Sept 2nd

Sept 9th
Dr. John Dent
There is an I in Teambuilding: How Improvements in Team – Based care are Revolutionizing Healthcare Delivery

Sept 16th
M&M Conference

Sept 23rd
Dr. Steve Dunn
There and Back Again: the Clopidogrel-PPI Dr.ug Interaction

Sept 30th
Dr. Kenneth Ellenbogen
Heart Failure and Arrhythmias: Where the Two Meet

Oct 7 th
Dr. Dilsizian Vasken
Radiology, U of MD
Will Metabolic, Autonomic and Molecular Imaging Approaches Keep Nuclear Cardiology Relevant?

Oct 14th
Dr. Robert Roberts
Univ of Ottawa
Genetics: A Glimpse of the Future

Oct 18th
Dr. Michael Bristow
Special Cardiology Conference – Pharmacogenetic Targeting of Cardiovascular Drugs

Oct 21st
M&M Conference

Oct 28 th
Dr. April Stempien-Otero
Univ of Washington
Regulation of cardiac Fibrosis: Insights from Cell Therapy

Nov 4th
Dr. Chris Rembold
Diets to Reduce Atherosclerosis, MI and Stroke

Nov 11th
M&M Conference

Nov. 18th

Nov. 25th
Holiday week

Dec 2nd
Dr. Chris Kramer
HCMR – Novel Predictors of Prognosis in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

Dec. 9th
Crampton Lecture:
Dr. Neil Weintraub
Univ of Cincinnati
cancelled due to weather

Dec 16th
M&M Conference

Dec 23rd

Dec 30th

Jan 6th
Dr. Gorav Ailawadi
Current Status of Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery at UVA

Jan 13 th
M&M Conference

Jan 20th

Jan 27th
Dr. Jamie Bourque
Dr. Michael Salerno
Current CMR Research Protocols and Preliminary Results

Feb 3rd
Dr. Champion
Role of Arterial Stiffness in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

Feb 10th
Dr. James K. Min
The Vulnerable Patient: Morphologic and Physiologic Determinants of High Risk Coronary Atherosclerosis

Feb 17th
M & M Conference

Feb 24th
Dr. Joshua Beckman
The Symptomatic Carotid in 2014

March 3rd
Dr. Scott Lim
Dr. Gorav Ailawadi
Clinical Trials presentation
cancelled due to snow

March 10th
Dr. Angela Taylor
Dr. Coleen McNamara
Translational Research: Id3, B Cells and Atherosclerosis

March 17th
M&M Conference

March 24th
Dr. Aditya Sharma
Venous Thromboembolism in 2014

March 31st

Apr 7th

Apr 14th
M & M Conference

Apr 21st
Dr. Scott Lim
Dr. Gorav Ailawadi
Update on Clinical Trials in Cardiac
Valve Disease

Apr 28th
Dr. John Dent
Improving the Delivery of Cardiovascular Care: Patient and Family-Centered Interdisciplinary Rounding and Beyond

May 5th
Dr. David Lopez
Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Peripheral Artery Disease: Beyond Lumenography

May 13th
Grollman Lecture:
Dr. Jagut Narula
Mt. Sinai Hospital
Classifying Cardiomyopathies: From Phenotype to Genotype

May 19th
M & M Conference

May 26th

June 2nd
Dr. Sarah Hussain

June 9th
Dr. Kenneth Bilchick
Dr. Ellen Keeley
Clinical Trials presentation

June 16th
M & M Conference