Brodie Medical Education Fund Committee

The Brodie Medical Education Fund Committee-Innovation in General and Generalist Medical Education

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Mrs. Anne L. Brodie

Mrs. Brodie willed her resources to medical education and medical education research, but specifically charged her trusted longitudinal ambulatory primary care doctor to direct these resources to innovate in medical education in such a manner as to ensure that future generations would have the heart and skill to care for patients as he had cared for her. Dr. Gene Corbett created the Brodie Committee to democratize and perpetuate what was initially his exclusive executor role. The role of the Committee is to channel what Mrs. Brodie and Dr. Corbett envisioned. Dr. Corbett often spoke of the “wisdom of the group”. To access this intent, we refer to the Brodie story, the language Dr. Corbett used, his discussions within the committee over the years and the projects he supported. On this history, the Brodie Committee seeks to innovate in:

  • General medical skills education (the foundational skills all doctors need)
  • Generalist medical education (supporting programs that train generalist primary care physicians)
  • Longitudinal relational care education
  • Medical Humanism education
  • Patient centered care education
  • Community/home centered care education
  • Share decision-making education
  • End of life conversations education
  • Inter-professional care education
  • Education regarding advocacy on behalf of patients and earning trust of patients and communities
  • Educational research regarding any of the above

Ongoing Projects

Click to learn more about events and work the Brodie Medical Education Fund supports.

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The Legacy of Anne L. Brodie

The Brodie Renaissance Physician:physician diagram

  • Is called to artful, compassionate, patient centered care.
  • Takes responsibility for the whole patient/person.
  • Is adept with the newest technology but also possesses finely honed communication and physical exam skills to limit dependence on technology.
  • Strives to improve on each individual patient encounter, and also on systems of practice.
  • Is a scholar, teacher, and role model.

Committee Members

Evan Heald, MD, Chair

Gene Corbett, MD, Chair Emeritus

Elizabeth Bradley, PhD

Karen L. Ham, MD

Alexandra De Leon, MD

Margaret Pews-Olgan, MD

Amy Wrentmore, MD