CIAG Programs


Since 1998, the Critical Incident Analysis Group has conducted conferences focused on two primary areas – homeland security and preparedness. CIAG will continue to concentrate its efforts in these areas as long as threats remain to the stability of democratic societies worldwide.

Homeland Security and Terrorism

whitehouse_smallThe Critical Incident Analysis Group’s program on Homeland Security and Terrorism is dedicated to providing an honest environment for debate of the critical issues about terrorism that can impact homeland security. The goal of this program is to understand and improve the strategies utilized during and after a critical incident that might impact homeland security. The achievement of this goal is attained through the active involvement in CIAG of members who are involved in positions that put them on the front lines during a critical incident. This may include FBI agents trained in crisis negotiation, state leaders engaged in disaster response or religious leaders working with groups known to sympathize with terrorists.

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preparedness_smallThe Critical Incident Analysis Group’s program on Preparedness focuses on finding practical solutions for preparing for and responding to critical incidents. The goal of this program is to turn theory into practice. The program looks at both public and governmental preparedness.



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