CIAG Publications

March 2010

Criminal Poisoning: Clinical and Forensic Perspectives

Authored by: Christopher P. Holstege, Thomas Neer, Gregory B. Saathoff & R. Brent Furbee

November 2009

Suicide by Cop

Suicide by Cop Poster

Presented at the North American Conference of Clinical Toxicology
September 24, 2009
San Antonio, Texas

SBC Abstract

Submitted to NACCT

September 2008

Cyber Incursions: Erosions of Security and Social Trust?

Summary by: Shaun Waterman, Anita Jones & Gregory Saathoff

May 2007

NETworked Radicalization: A Counter Strategy

A Special Report by: CIAG and HSPI

For complete coverage visit:

U.S. Senate Committee Hearing: May 3, 2007

September 2006

Out of The Shadows: Getting Ahead of Prisoner Radicalization

A Special Report by:  CIAG and HSPI, with Senate Testimony