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Feb 04 School of Medicine Faculty Research Retreat


[Boar's Head Inn Pavilion]

Feb 04 School of Medicine Faculty Research Retreat


[Boar's Head Inn Pavilion]

Feb 03 School of Medicine Faculty Research Retreat


[Boar's Head Inn Pavilion]

Feb 03 UVA Applied Research Institute Special Presentation – The Army Research Laboratory (ARL) Open Campus Initiative


[Rodman Room, Thornton Hall (SEAS)] The ARL Open Campus Initiative is designed to facilitate and enhance collaboration in research with partners from academia, industry, and other government agencies. As such, it offers UVA researchers new opportuniti...

Oct 05 Anderson Distinguished Lecture – Mary-Claire King, PhD (title forthcoming)


[Claude Moore Medical Education Auditorium (Rm. 3110)] Details of this seminar will be forthcoming

Jun 10 2015 MSTP Distinguished Lecture


[Jordan Hall Room 1-5] The University of Virginia Medical Scientist Training Program invites you to the 2015 MSTP Distinguished Lecture Roger Greenberg, MD, PhD Connecting DNA Repair to Cancer Susceptibility Wednesday, June 10, 2015 4:00 p.m. -- 5:0...

Apr 10 Accessing the emerging microscopy technologies at HHMI Janelia


[Jordan Hall 1-17] Visualizing and understanding complex biological processes demands the integrated efforts of biologists and physicists. The mission of the Advanced Imaging Center (AIC) is to make cutting-edge imaging technologies developed at Janel...

Nov 04 Medical Student Research Symposium


[Jordan Hall lobby (JPA entrance)] All medical students are invited to present a research project (MSSRP, MSTP, other) at this event.

May 02 UVA Postdoctoral Research Day


[] Register by April 23, 2014 at URL below

Apr 15 Seminar – “Comparative Effectiveness Research: A Seasoned Regulator’s View”


[Jordan Hall 1-14] Dr. Temple is deputy center director for clinical science at the FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) and acting director of its Office of Drug Evaluation I (ODE-1). He received his medical degree from NYU School of...