Category: School of Medicine

Jul 10 WDC Web Symposium


[Jordan Hall Auditorium] The Health System Unification Project -- Future plans for, and The move to Plone 4. Refresher on web sharing and security. Other future plans at the WDC.

Mar 31 “Gene Therapy Comes of Age” with Dr. James Wilson a talk hosted by the Executive Vice President for Health Affairs, Dr. Richard Shannon


[Jordan Hall Conference Center Auditorium] "Gene Therapy Comes of Age" - Dr. James Wilson

Apr 17 VA Secretary of Health and Human Resources, William A. Hazel, Jr. MD


[Fenwick Auditorium, McLeod Hall] The Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and the University of Virginia Health System are pleased to present: Virginia Secretary of Health & Human Resources, Secretary William Hazel to speak on the impact of health care reform in the Commonwealth of Virginia.