Hope at Work: How Claudette Grant Cultivates Healthy Communities

This is the latest installment in our Connect article series “Hope at Work” — showcasing inspiring stories about how our team members contribute to UVA Health’s 10-year Strategic Plan: “One Future Together Health and Hope for All.” No matter where you work, you have an opportunity to inspire hope in others. These stories show how.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” Claudette Grant’s mother, Ruby Grant, often told her as Claudette was growing up. The sentiment still rings true for Claudette. Since 2021, she’s supported UVA’s Health Strategic Plan initiative of community engagement and health equity through her role as an outreach specialist with a focus on cancer health equity at our Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Office of Community Outreach and Engagement (OCOE). It’s an initiative she emphasizes “takes a concerted and collaborative effort throughout our whole health system to achieve.” Read More >