Junior Faculty Development Program Mentoring Overview

Role of Mentor

  • Guide mentee on project through regular interactions
  • Review plans for scholarship from the project
  • Advise mentee in preparation of final project presentation
  • Attend final project presentation
  • Ongoing mentorship is optional

Role of Mentee

  • Identify project goals
  • Establish timelines
  • Schedule meetings with mentors
  • Prepare agendas for mentor meetings
  • Complete JFDP requirements

How to Manage the Mentor/Mentee Relationship

  • Mentors: Get to know mentee before the first meeting, review CV, and share some information about your professional career/expertise.
  • Establish guidelines at the first meeting:
    • When and where to meet
    • How to schedule meetings
    • How to communicate between meetings
    • Agenda format: mentee should provide the agenda before each meeting
    • How to exchange feedback
    • Determine the scope of the project and potential funding opportunities
    • Determine likely scholarly outcome
    • What preliminary data/milestones are critical to the project’s success?

What are the stumbling blocks for the projects and mentoring relationships?

  • Project goals are not well-defined or too broad
  • Project requires work beyond assigned time and effort
  • Mentee has complex needs
  • Mentee does not show initiative to schedule meetings or follow-through on timelines for project

Solutions to Consider as Mentors

  • Redefine project or project goals
  • Set timelines for the project
  • Refer mentees to colleagues if additional content or skill expertise needed for project
  • Consult with JFDP team (Troy Buer and Susan Pollart)