Department of Environmental Sciences

Peter  Berg

Berg, Peter

1) Use and further development of the eddy correlation technique for measuring fluxes in the benthic environment. See my web site for details. 2) Applied modeling of transport phenomena and biogeochemical processes in the benthic environment.

Linda K. Blum

Blum, Linda K.

Microbial abundance, productivity and community structure in estuarine systems; microbe-plant interactions; effects of microbial community structure on processes.

Paolo  D'Odorico

D’Odorico, Paolo

Ecohydrology, surface hydrology, stochastic modelling of hydrologic processes, soil moisture dynamics, soil erosion.

Robert E. Davis

Davis, Robert E.

Synoptic and applied climatology, statistical climatology, climatic change, bioclimatology.

Stephan Franz Joseph De Wekker

De Wekker, Stephan Franz Joseph

Boundary-layer meteorology, mountain meteorology, mesoscale modeling, land-atmosphere interactions

Howard E. Epstein

Epstein, Howard E.

Ecosystem and plant community ecologist; climate-plant-soil interactions: grassland, shrubland and tundra ecosystems; field studies, remote sensing and simulation modeling

Galloway, James

Environmental Sciences and Biogeochemical Research

Galloway, James N.

Biogeochemistry at watershed, regional and global scales

Michael  Garstang

Garstang, Michael

Convective storms

Kevin  Grise

Grise, Kevin

Atmosphere and climate dynamics, climate variability and change