Department of Molecular Physiology and Biological Physics

Huiwang  Ai

Ai, Huiwang

Spatiotemporal Regulation of Biological Signaling; Protein Engineering for Imaging, Diagnostics, and Therapeutics

John H. Bushweller

Bushweller, John H.

Structural and Functional Basis for Oncogenesis; Targeted Drug Development; Structural Studies of Membrane Proteins

Zygmunt S. Derewenda

Derewenda, Zygmunt S.

Structure-function relationships in proteins

Salem  Faham

Faham, Salem

Structural biology of membrane proteins; Structure/function and structure/stability relationships and the development of new tools for protein crystallization.

Barbie  Ganser-Pornillos

Ganser-Pornillos, Barbie

The Structural Biology of HIV assembly

John T. Hackett

Hackett, John T.

Synaptic Transmission

Brant  Isakson

Isakson, Brant

Intercellular communication as it relates to blood pressure regulation

Peter M. Kasson

Kasson, Peter M.

Mechanisms of cell entry by influenza; Viral glycan recognition; drug resistance; molecular dynamics simulation; distributed computing.

William E. McIntire

McIntire, William E.

Molecular determinants involved in the selective activation of BG dimers upon stimulation of a given receptor

Wladek  Minor

Minor, Wladek

Structure-Function Relationships in Proteins; Structural Genomics; Bioinformatics