Primary: Public Health Sciences

Bonds, Denise E.

Prevention of heart disease, association and prevention of other co-morbidities in patients with diabetes, women's health, and the improvement of medical care in the outpatient setting.

Bovbjerg, Viktor E.

Social influences on health and health behavior, pharmacoepidemiology, health care outcomes research.

Casey, Graham

Genomic analysis of colorectal cancer risk

Chen, Wei-Min

Statistical genetics and genomics.

Cohn, Wendy

Evaluation Methods; Cosumer Health Informatics; Public Health

Conaway, Mark

Phase I trials of combinations of chemotherapeutic agents

Detmer, Don E.

National and Global Health Information Infrastructures

Engelhard, Carolyn L.

Social policy implications of the expansion of corporate managed health care delivery systems and current issues in governmentally financed health programs.

Farber, Charles R.

Systems Genetics of Skeletal Development and Maintenance

Gaare Bernheim, Ruth

Public health policy, law, bioethics, medical ethics, ethics