General Medicine

Stewart Babbott, MD

Stewart Babbott, MD
Professor of Medicine
Section Head, General Medicine

The General Medicine section, led by Stewart Babbott, MD, focuses on the care of adults ages 18 and over. Its emphasis is on preventive care and fostering long-term relationships between patients and physicians.

The General Medicine Section encompasses four Clinical Practices:

UVA Primary and Specialty Care Pantops
Integrative Medicine

The latest addition to General Medicine’s family of clinics, UVA Primary and Specialty Care Pantops Integrative Medicine, was launched in April 2015 and is located east of Charlottesville at 650 Peter Jefferson Parkway. John Leiner, MD, serves as the medical director of the practice, which is a joint initiative of the General Medicine section and UVA’s Department of Family medicine. It offers same-day visits, extended hours, and responsive care for patients from the prenatal period to senior adulthood. Holistic services offered or slated to be offered at the practice include acupuncture, yoga medicine, massage therapy, and nutrition.

University Medical Associates

Led by David Callender, MD, University Medical Associates (UMA) serves as the continuity practice for the 100 residents in the Department of Medicine’s internal medicine residency program. The largest of the division’s primary care practices, UMA is located on UVA’s central grounds. In July 2014, the practice successfully transitioned, along with the internal medicine residency program, to a “3+1” scheduling system. Residents’ inpatient and outpatient assignments are now separated, and every fourth week is spent in the ambulatory setting without interruption from inpatient duties. This “diastole” week is a welcome break for the residents and gives them a better opportunity to strengthen their ambulatory skills. The change ensures the entirety of the office-based ambulatory curriculum is provided to every resident.

UMA developed a task force to improve continuity between the patient and primary care physician — an important contributor to patient and resident satisfaction. Residents, schedulers, attendings, and support staff collaborated to identify and remove barriers, resulting in improved resident: patient continuity from 50% to 65% over the course of four months. The clinic is currently on track to achieve its target of 75%.


UVA internists Brian Uthlaut (far left), Katherine Jaffe (far right), and Matthew Goodman (second from right)

University Physicians Charlottesville
and University Physicians Orange

The division’s other major Charlottesville-based clinic, University Physicians Charlottesville (UPC), is located in Fontaine Research Park. Led by Kimberly Dowdell, MD, UPC continues to expand its ambulatory internal medicine presence.

North of Charlottesville, University Physicians Orange (UPO) provides clinical care to a largely rural population. Lien Dame, MD, serves as the UPO clinic’s medical director.