Guidelines for Scholarship Presentation


  1. The total presentation should be 15 minutes: 10 minutes for your prepared remarks and 5 minutes for questions from the audience.
  2. You may use a slide presentation, hand-outs, etc.,  but are not required to do so.  If you need any audio-visual equipment, be sure to let the GSP administrator know at least one week ahead.  Remember – slides should add visually to your remarks, not be your notes projected onto a screen.
  3. Your audience will be 20 – 30 individuals, comprised of fellow medical students, GSP and other faculty, and School of Medicine administrators.
  4. You will be introduced by name.  You should introduce the title of your project.
  5. There is a tendency to try to describe the project in too much detail.  Do not try to cram 4 years of work into a 10 minute presentation.  This is meant to be a brief introduction to your work, not a comprehensive treatment of it.
  6. Format:
    • Clearly state the problem or topic you were addressing
    • Briefly describe your process
    • Identify your collaborators and acknowledge their contributions
    • Give a brief summary of your findings
    • State your conclusions, e.g. your thoughts about future research, implications for patient care, health care policy issues
  7. Since your presentation will be necessarily brief and incomplete, audience members can ask for more explanation in areas of interest to them during the five minute Q & A.
  8. Energize your body and voice to engage the audience. Project your voice to the rear of the room.  Make eye contact with the audience.