MIGs 2016

2016 Metabolic Interest Group (MIGs) Schedule

Month Presenting Labs Presenting Labs
January 13th Desai Lab

Michael Schappe;

“Function of TRPM7 in inflammatory signaling”

Civelek Lab

Mete Civelek;

“Systems Genetics Approaches to Understand Cardiometabolic Traits”

February 10th Leitinger Lab

Akshaya Meher;

“Lipid Partitioning by Adipose Tissue Macrophages”

Sonkusare Lab

Swapnil Sonkusare;

“ Impairment of endothelial calcium signaling in diet-induced obesity”

March 9th Harris Lab

Thurl Harris;

“Mechanisms driving hepatic glucose output during hemorrhage”

Kundu Lab

Bijoy Kundu;

“Myocardial Metabolic Remodeling in Cardiac Hypertrophy”

April 13th McNamara Lab

Tori Osinski;

“Id3 regulation of local mechanisms of hypoxia-induced angiogenesis”

Bland Lab

Nigel Muhammad;

“Toll signaling requires the transcription factor Dif to blocl insulin-dependent growth in Drosophila”

May 11th Leitinger Lab

Subbu (Subraman) Senthivinayagam;

“A role for Pannexin 1 in brown adipose tissue.”

Scott Lab

Mike Scott;

“Genetic Variation and Binge Feeding “

June 8th
July 13th Harris Lab

Salome Boroda;

“Dual activities of ritanserin and R59022 as DGKα inhibitors and serotonin receptor antagonists.”

 Malin Lab

Natalie Eichner;

” Body Composition is Associated with Microparticle Concentration in Adults with Hyperglycemia  “.

August 10th Leitinger Lab

Gael Bories;

“Macrophage metabolic adaptation to heme clearance”

Barrett Lab

Sarah Grey;

“Insulin transport into and across the brain endothelium”

September 14th Hsu Lab

Myungsun Shin;

“Understanding the role of DAGLB in proliferation and differentiation of bone marrow derived macrophages “

Hoehn Lab

Sujoy Lahiri;

“Effect of Dietary Fructose on Hepatocellular Carcinoma “

October 12th —- —–
November 10th Desai Lab

Marta Stremska;

“Building a toolkit for studying Trpm7 kinase”

December 15th Leitinger Lab

Vlad Surbulea;

Oxidized phospholipids in adipose tissue are novel regulators of immunometabolism”

Harris Lab

Katelyn Ahern;

“But much more importantly, oxidized neutral lipids in adipose tissue are novel regulators of insulin signaling”