MIGs 2017

2017 Metabolic Interest Group (MIGs) Schedule

Running since 2009 the Metabolic Interest Group is a collection of labs at UVA that meet monthly to discuss research in progress pertaining to the broad area of metabolism. Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 4:00 PM in the Pharmacology library (Room 5023). Two labs present for 30 minutes at each meeting. The intent of this meeting is to provide students, postdocs, and faculty an opportunity to get feedback on current projects.

Month Presenting Labs Presenting Labs
January 11th Kadl Lab

Smanla Tundup presenting;

“Role of lipolysis in regulation of inflammation and immunity”

Hsu Lab

Myungsun Shin presenting;

“Role of DAGLB in regulation of inflammatory signaling of bone marrow derived macrophages”


February 8th Leitinger Lab

Renata Polanowska-Grabowska presenting;

“The role of hepatic Pannexin1 in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)”


Civelek Lab

Mete Civilek presenting;

“KLF14 Locus: From association to mechanism”


March 8th Harris Lab

Thurl Harris presenting;

“Effect of obesity on the metabolic response to acute stress ”


Barrett Lab

Sara Grey presenting;

“Can neurovascular coupling influence insulin movement across the blood-brain barrier?”


April 12th Isakson Lab

Brant Isakson presenting;

“The ongoing sage of FTO in endothelium”


Bland Lab

Brittany Martinez presenting;

“Innate immune signaling in the Drosophila larval fat body disrupts nutrient storage”


May 10th Leitinger Lab

Vlad Serbulea and Clint Upchurch

“Update on oxophospholipidomics and analyses of biological activity.”


McNamara Lab

Tori Osinski

“PPAR alpha/gamma agonist Tesaglitazar attenuates pro-inflammatory macrophage numbers and induces Ucp-1 in obese mice”


June 14th Ewald Lab

Sara Ewald

“The cat eats the mouse that eats itself: Toxoplasma promotes cachexia as a transmission strategy”


July 12th Harris Lab

Katharina Bottermann presenting

“p38 Map kinase regulates metabolic flexibility in the heart”


 Kadl Lab

Alex Kadl presenting

“Potential benefits of inhibition of lipolysis during infection”


August 9th Leitinger Lab

Subramanian (Subbu) Senthivinayagam presenting

“The way from adipose to heart is through Pannexin”


Schulman Lab

Ira Schulman presenting

“HDL: Is bigger really better!”


September 13th Hsu Lab

Caroline Franks presenting

“A Chemical Proteomic Strategy for Targeting Diacylglycerol Kinases”


Harris Lab

Vidisha Raje presenting

“Fat and Intestinal Cell Kinase- what’s the fICKing point??”


October 11th Bland Lab

Brittany Martinez presenting

“Innate Immune Signaling in the Drosophila larval fat body disrupts nutrient storage”


Scott Lab

Brandon Newmyer presenting

“The role of VIPergic neurons in control of binge feeding and novelty seeking behavior”


November 8th Leitinger Lab

Clint Upchurch/Nathaniel Oberholtzer presenting

“Mechanisms that drive liver fibrosis: activation of hepatic stellate cells by hepatocyte-derived ATP”


Civelek Lab

Warren Anderson presenting

“Integrative analysis of sex differences in adipose tissue”


December 13th Desai Lab

Phil Seegren presenting

“Mitochondrial calcium dynamics during macrophage activation”


Harris Lab

Katelyn Ahern presenting

“A targeted LC-MS method for quantifying oxidized fatty acids”


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