MIGs 2019

2019 Metabolic Interest Group (MIGs) Schedule

Running since 2009 the Metabolic Interest Group is a collection of labs at UVA that meet monthly to discuss research in progress pertaining to the broad area of metabolism. Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 4:00 PM in the Pharmacology library (Room 5023). Two labs present for 30 minutes at each meeting. The intent of this meeting is to provide students, postdocs, and faculty an opportunity to get feedback on current projects.

Month Presenting Labs Presenting Labs
January 9th  Yan Lab

Josh Drake, special presentation:

“The role of skeletal muscle mitophagy in healthy aging”

Will be followed by research proposal and plans for independent investigation

February 13th Civelek Lab

Jordan Reed presenting;

“Uncovering the genetic regulators of body fat distribution using network analysis approaches”

Bochkis Lab

Irina Bochkis presenting;

“The role of Foxa2 in ligand-dependent activation of nuclear receptors in liver metabolism”

March 13th Leitinger Lab

Clint Upchurch presenting;

“Oxidized phospholipids regulate cellular metabolism, gene expression, and lipid droplet formation in hepatocytes – Implications for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.”

Scott Lab

Michael Scott presenting

“Oxidized phospholipids and food intake regulation”

April 10th Barrett Lab

Eugene Barrett presenting;

“Metabolic Microvascular dysfunction: going beyond the retina, kidney and peripheral nerve”

Harris Lab

Vidisha Raje presenting;

“Intestinal Cell Kinase inhibits browning of adipocytes”


May 8th Keller Lab

Susanna Keller presenting;

“Genetic Modification of Dietary Effects on Nutrient Distribution and Metabolism”


Bland Lab

Brittany Martinez presenting;

“Mechanisms underlying peripheral insulin resistance and metabolic dysfunction caused by chronic immune activation in Drosophila melanogaster

June 12th Ferris Lab

Thaddeus Weigel presenting;

“Effects of oxysterols on circadian rhythms”

Civelek Lab

Qianyi Yang presenting;

“Characterization of KLF14 function in adipocytes”

July 10th Wolf Lab

Matt Wolf presenting;

“A novel transgenic approach to quantify cardiomyocyte replication and endoreplication after injury in vivo”


Bochkis Lab

Mohan Manjegowda presenting;

“Hdac3, Sedb1, and Kap1 mark H3K9me3/H3K14ac bivalent regions in young and aged liver”


August 14th Leitinger Lab

Scott Yeudall presenting;

“Role of Macrophage Acetyl CoA Carboxylase in Metabolic Control of Inflammation”

Hsu Lab

Tim Ware presenting;

“Reprogramming fatty acyl specificity of lipid kinases via C1 domain engineering”

September 11th Civelek Lab

Redouane Aherrahrou presenting;

“Genetic regulation of atherosclerosis-relevant phenotypes in human vascular smooth muscle cells”

Scott Lab

Jessica Hatter presenting;

“Transcriptomic Characterization of Preglucagon (Gcg) Neurons in Murine Hindbrain”

October 9th  

Cancelled- IRTG meeting, Dusseldorf, Ger


November 13th Bland Lab

Brittany Martinez presenting;

“Innate immune signaling in Drosophila larvae shifts anabolic lipid metabolism from triglyceride storage to phospholipid synthesis”


Hsu Lab

Emmanuel Toroitich presenting;

“Global profiling of functional tyrosines using sulfur- triazole exchange chemistry(SuTEx)”


December 11th Leitinger Lab

Subbu Senthivinayagam presenting;

“Pannexin 1: A regulator of adaptive thermogenesis”

Ferris Lab

Josh Kulas presenting;

“SREBP2 in glial homeostasis”

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