Career Development

Fellowship Opportunities at UVA

Match DayThe University of Virginia Department of Medicine offers Fellowship Training in more than ten specialties and subspecialties. For information about specific programs and the application process, please explore our UVA Medicine Fellowships site.

Whether you are planning to go into a medical subspecialty or a career in general medicine as a hospitalist or primary care physician, our residency program helps prepare you for that next step.  In each subspecialty field, there is an initial mentor, usually a faculty member active in fellowship program leadership, available to help you understand the field.  At UVA, you are surrounded by faculty who are supportive, accessible and excited to support you in your research and career development, and the program has multiple layers of advising support to help prevent residents from falling through the cracks and et the assistance they need in this area.

Life After Residency

Year after year, our ABIM board pass rate ranks at the top of the country, currently 99% over the last 5 years. We offer extensive board review conferences in the spring of each year helping to prepare residents for this stage in their transition to board certification in internal medicine.

Match day 2023One of the hallmarks of excellence in our residency program is the number of UVA residents who are accepted to nationally-acclaimed fellowship programs. Graduates from our program have gone on to pursue careers in both subspecialty and general internal medicine. A number of our residents choose to stay at UVA, which attests to the high resident satisfaction with the hospital system and the quality of life in Charlottesville. Those who choose to pursue fellowships at other institutions have been accepted to programs that span the nation and regularly match at one of their top choices.

Facts About Our Graduates (2017-2021)

  • Approximately 75% have chosen to pursue subspecialty fellowship and 25% have chosen to pursue a career in general internal medicine.
  • Of those entering general internal medicine, approximately 75% are currently serving as hospitalists and 25% in primary care practice.
  • The graph below indicates the subspecialty fellowships entered by our graduates, followed by a listing of programs where they have been accepted.

Match stats 2023

Fellowship Match

Below are the locations our residents have matched for the respective subspecialty fields.