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Life at UVA and here in the Charlottesville-Albemarle mid-Atlantic region is a blend of interesting people, places, and opportunities for personal and professional growth. Meet Our Current Residents »


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Residents have a long tradition of local intramural sports including softball, flag football, soccer, curling (yes, curling) and resident field days. Here are our 2018 Regular Season Champs!
Alex Zimmet, MD

Alex Zimmet, MD, PGY-2

I first arrived in Charlottesville for medical school in 2013. I was initially drawn to UVA due to the academic excellence of the institution and the collegial nature of its people. I sensed there was something “different” and unique about this place, and I soon found out I was right. Everyone at UVA works to provide outstanding patient care in a welcoming and encouraging environment, no matter what their role may be. I loved that communal atmosphere, and have found it to be present throughout the city of Charlottesville as well. The natural beauty and endless outdoor activities of central Virginia have drawn many people here, and these things provide a perfect backdrop for fostering a vibrant and exciting community in town. When the time came to choose a residency program, my wife and I sensed the same thing I did when I interviewed here for medical school several years before – there really is something special about Charlottesville and UVA, and we wanted to continue being part of that.

Our Residents Come From These Medical Schools

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Map of Residents' Medical Schools
Univ Toledo Univ Texas, Houston Texas Tech Univ, Lubbock Mercer Univ, Macon Meharry Univ, Nashville Michigan State Univ, Grand Rapids Univ Michigan, Ann Arbor Univ Massachusetts, Worcester Univ South Carolina, Columbia Univ Pittsburgh St. Louis Univ, MO Case Western Univ, Cleveland SUNY Upstate, Syracuse Med College Georgia, Augusta Virginia Commonwealth Univ, Richmond Univ Vermont, Burlington Univ Arkansas, Little Rock WV Univ, Morgantown Rutgers Univ, NJ Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem Univ Rochester Univ Illinois, Chicago Univ Maryland, Baltimore Univ North Carolina, Chapel Hill Univ Cincinnati Univ at Buffalo Virginia Tech, Blacksburg New Orleans: LSU, Tulane Univ Univ Texas, San Antonio NYC: Mount Sinai SOM, NY Med Coll, SUNY Downstate Indiana Univ, Indianapolis Boston: Boston Univ, Tufts Univ Med Univ South Carolina, Charleston Brody/East Carolina Univ, Greenville Univ Mississippi, Jackson Univ Tennessee, Memphis Penn State Univ, Hershey Phila: Drexel Univ, Thomas Jefferson Univ, Temple Univ DC: George Washington Univ, Georgetown Univ, Howard Univ Marshall Univ, Huntington Univ Virginia, Charlottesville Eastern Virginia Med School, Norfolk Wright State Univ, Dayton