Resident Testimonials

Our residents are a diverse and interesting group. Click on their testimonials below to see why these residents think UVA is a great choice!

PGY-1 Testimonials
Erin Baldwin, MD photo
Erin Baldwin
Valentina Lollett, MD photo
Valentina Lollett
Laura Martin, MD photo
Laura Martin
Brian Peterson, MD photo
Brian Peterson
Anthony Rainho, MD photo
Anthony Rainho
Jenna Schlefman, MD photo
Jenna Schlefman
PGY-2 Testimonials
Isadore Budnick, MD
Isadore Budnick
Jacqueline Hodges, MD
Jacqueline Hodges

Sami Ibrahim
Sarah Wood, MD
Sarah Wood
PGY-3 Testimonials
Rishitha Bollam, MD
Rishitha Bollam
David Cook, MD
David Cook
Comfort Elumogo, MD
Comfort Elumogo
Abishek Shenoy, MD
Abhishek Shenoy