Resident Testimonials

Our residents are a diverse and amazing group. Click on their testimonials below to see why these residents think UVA is a great choice!

PGY-1 Testimonials

Photo of Michael Bates, MD
Michael Bates
Photo of Meera Jain, MD
Meera Jain
Photo of Amber Roberts, MD
Amber Roberts

PGY-2 Testimonials

Photo of Abdulaziz Almulhim, MD
Aziz Almulhim
Photo of Aislinn Crank Camoney, MD
Aislinn Camoney
Photo of Calvin Geng, MD
Calvin Geng

PGY-3 Testimonials

Ramey Elsarrag MD
Ramey Elsarrag
Carissa Harnish-Cruz MD
Carissa Harnish-Cruz
Olivia Ondigi MD
Olivia Ondigi
John Popovich MD
John Popovich
Margo Tanner MD
Margo Tanner