Lunardi Lab

The Lunardi Lab is part of the Anesthesiology Department at the University of Virginia.  Our research focuses on the following broad topics:

  1. The impact of anesthetic drugs on endogenous sleep pathways
  2. The role of the presynaptic release machinery in anesthetic-induced cognitive dysfunction
  3. The pathogenic mechanisms of Intensive Care Unit postoperative delirium

Principal investigator

Nadia Lunardi, MD, is a general and critical care anesthesiologist driven by a personal experience in the ICU as a teenager. She also works with heart and lung surgery patients during their initial recovery (post-surgery), while they are still in the hospital.
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March 2019 From left: Caroline Keller, Meghana Illendula, Navya Atluri, Nadia Lunardi, Hari Osuru, and Ryan Sica

Latest News

Ryan Sica received the 2019 Douglas W. Eastwood Award for excellence in Anesthesiology
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November 2020 from left, front row: Nadia Lunardi, Joanna Klos. Back row: Hari Prasad Osuru, Navya Atluri, Elzbieta Dulko, Richita Bashyal and Nathan Wakefield

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A collection showcasing the Lunardi Lab.
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Current Projects

Currently the Lunardi lab is working on three major projects.
Our projects are: Molecular effects of sevoflurane exposure on Synapsin 1.
Learning and memory, Effects of sevoflurane exposure on sleep-wake behavior.
Development and validation of a mouse model of Intensive Care Unit delirium.

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See our most recent findings and publications here.