Lab Members

Current Lab Members

Hari Prasad Osuru, Ph.D

Hari Prasad Osuru, Ph.D.
Research Scientist
I am a post-doc research scientist. My research interests include identifying key molecular pathways associated with anesthesia and surgery that lead to changes in brain function. During my free time, I enjoy friends and family, cooking, gardening, historical documentaries, and listening to music.

Navya Atluri, Ph.D.

Navya Atluri, Ph.D.
Research Scientist
I am a post-doc research scientist. My research focus is on the mechanisms underlying post-operative delirium and the neuronal substrates underpinning sleep changes after anesthesia. When not in the lab, I enjoy arts, crafts, baking, and spending time with my daughter and friends.

Jeffrey Wooters
Undergraduate Student
I am a third-year undergraduate majoring in biochemistry on the pre-health track. I am currently assisting in the lab’s various projects, particularly our research into perineuronal nets. Some of my other interests include music, reading, and cooking, and I currently serve on the executive boards of the Cavalier Symphony Orchestra and Brown College at Monroe Hill.

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Lab Alumni

Elzbieta Dulko (Visiting Research Graduate Student)

Joanna Klos (Visiting Research Graduate Student)

Richita Bashyal (Undergraduate Student)

Nathan Wakefield (Medical Student)

Meghana Illendula (Lab Technician)

Ryan Sica (Medical Student)

Caroline Keller (Undergraduate Student)

Bianca Ferrarese (Anesthesiology Resident)

Michal Jedrusiak (Visiting Research Graduate Student)

Tam Le (Undergraduate Student)

Jinny Park (Undergraduate Student)

Magda Pikus (Visiting Research Graduate Student)