Dr. Mark Beenhakker (Department of Pharmacology, UVA)

Our lab has been working in close collaboration with Dr. Beenhakker and his lab members since 2015, initially sharing their EEG equipment, then receiving from them invaluable assistance in designing, crafting, setting up and maintaining our own EEG apparatus. We are very grateful for their help and support!

Dr. Jaideep Kapur (Department of Neurology, UVA)

Dr. Kapur and his lab members have provided us with TRAP and TegTag transgenic mice, alongside countless hours of assistance while establishing our own transgenic mice breeding colonies, and refining TRAP and CLARITY techniques. We are incredibly thankful for all the help!

Dr. Mark Roeser (Department of Surgery, UVA)

Our lab has collaborated with Dr. Mark Roeser’s team with the common goal to investigate the effects of regadenoson – an adenosine receptor agonist drug – in ischemia-reperfusion brain injury after cardiac arrest. Our lab has contributed measurements of neuronal damage, neuro-inflammation and oxidative stress in brain tissue collected from pigs after cardiac arrest and ECMO circulatory support.

Dr. Nicholas Teman (Department of Surgery, UVA)

Our lab has collaborated with Dr. Teman’s team with the goal to elucidate the effects of cardiopulmonary bypass-induced brain inflammation on cognition in a rat model. Our lab has contributed measurements of cortical, hippocampal and brainstem markers implicated in memory, learning and thought processing, as well as assistance with behavioral studies.