Student Events & Activities

Events & Activities

The MSTP student body is a close-knit group. Most maintain close friendships from med school classes and also develop new friendships in lab. We host several events throughout the year to foster a sense of continuity and camaraderie. A great deal of these events are planned by one or more of our student committees.

Research-in-Progress (RIP)

Research In Progress

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RIPs are held on the second Wednesday of each month. At RIPs, two students present on their research for approximately 45 minutes each, including discussion time. MSTP mentors also attend the dinner and speak briefly about their research and labs.

During the course of their graduate work, each of our students will give an RIP, have short presentations on summer rotations and clinical clerkships, and participate in “Hot Seat” and Methods Round Tables. Thus, a student interested in honing their presentation skills will have many opportunities to vet their research with their peers and faculty. Most degree-granting departments have training grant and departmental Journal Clubs, Research-in-Progress opportunities, poster sessions and other events.

Research In Progress

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Med 1 and 2 Lunches

Each month, Med 1 and Med 2 students will meet with the Program Director, as well as associated faculty leadership, to discuss their experiences and expectations for being successful in the Program.

Annual Retreat

The annual MSTP retreat is held in July. At the retreat, students participate in career development discussions, clinical case presentations and a poster session. Further, all levels of students learn about one another’s research interests and projects.

Student Lecture Series| Todorovic Distinguished Lectureship

The Scientific Committee hosts the MSTP Student Lecture Series and annual Distinguished Lectureship. The Student Lecture Series features bench or translational scientists from within UVa, often accompanied by colleagues providing clinical perspectives. The Todorovic Distinguished Lectureship occurs in late spring and brings in a high-profile physician-scientist selected by the Committee to meet with students and lecture over a two-day visit.

Recent MSTP Todorovic Distinguished Lecturers include: