Conferences, Seminars & Grand Rounds

A structured and comprehensive educational framework is critical to our efforts to provide each fellow with the full complement of knowledge and skills required for a successful research career. These include a broad understanding of neuroendocrine concepts; training in laboratory techniques required for assessment of desired parameters; and what it means to conduct research in a responsible manner. Other fundamental skills include:

  • identifying important research questions
  • critically evaluating scientific literature
  • designing logical and feasible research protocols
  • utilizing sound statistical principles in analysis of results;
  • presenting research findings in a coherent manner.

To this end, trainees participate in a number of conferences, seminars and grand rounds series sponsored by departments and divisions in the UVA School of Medicine. These provide opportunities for trainees to interact with one other and with mentors, to exchange ideas, and to develop collaborative relationships. They also provide occasions for fellows to present their own work and receive feedback from peers and mentors. In addition, trainees frequently have the opportunity to share a lunch with outside speakers, which furthers faculty-trainee interaction and allows for additional informal mentoring.

  • Departmental seminar programs: Organized seminar series are held in several basic science departments, including Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics; Biology; Cell Biology; Molecular Physiology & Biological Physics; Neuroscience; and Pharmacology. Additional relevant seminars are sponsored by clinical departments such as Internal Medicine, Neurosurgery, Neurology, Pathology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry & Neurobehavioral Sciences, and Public Health Sciences, etc.
  • Endocrinology and Metabolism Grand Rounds : This weekly seminar series features internationally known basic science and clinical investigators in the area of neuroendocrinology, metabolism, reproductive biology, and diabetes, in addition to other areas of endocrinology. Approximately 2 speakers a month cover topics relevant to neuroendocrinology.
  • Endocrinology and Metabolism Research in Progress Conference : This weekly session includes all Endocrinology and Metabolism faculty members in addition to many participating faculty from other departments. The conference consists of presentations of ongoing and planned research projects by faculty and postdoctoral trainees, and speakers receive constructive feedback from audience members. This is an outstanding forum for trainees to learn how to design, conduct, and troubleshoot research projects. Fellows present their research in this venue once a year.
  • Endocrinology and Metabolism Journal Club: In this monthly conference, fellows and faculty review a published scientific manuscript, focusing on methodological strengths/weaknesses and clinical relevance.
  • Center for Research in Reproduction Enrichment Program/Lecture Series: Monthly talks on topics relevant to reproductive biology are given by internal and external speakers. These topics frequently hold substantial relevance to neuroendocrinology. Trainees with research projects relevant to reproduction present in this forum once a year.
  • Fellows’ Didactic (Clinical Lecture) Series : This series is specifically targeted to MD trainees in the Endocrinology and Metabolism Fellowship Program. That said, we believe that an understanding of clinical issues relevant to neuroendocrinology are important for all scientists in the Research Training in Neuroendocrinology Program, including PhD-trained scientists. With this in mind, we encourage PhD trainees to attend sessions relevant to neuroendocrinology.
  • Pituitary Case Conference: In this monthly conference, details regarding 6-8 pituitary cases are discussed by faculty, fellows, and residents from Endocrinology, Neurosurgery, Neuroradiology, and Neuropathology.
  • Carey, Marshall, Thorner Scholar’s & Research Day : Fellows present their work at this annual research symposium named after 3 neuroendocrinologists at UVA, hosted by the Dept. of Medicine since 2007.
  • Colloquia and Symposia: Several entities within the SOM—and UVA as a whole—sponsor colloquia and symposia on special topics relevant to our Program.