Congenital Eye Disorder Program

Dr. Netland performs an Eye Exam

The Congenital Eye Disorder Program is designed with a “team effort” focus to provide patients and their families the best care in one place to treat the whole person, instead of just the disorder or syndrome. This program consists of ophthalmic clinical care, related medical care from our other nationally ranked departments, education on the disorder(s) or syndrome(s) the patient may have, access to further support services, a gene/specimen bank for future research and several research study opportunities for patients.

The latest in treatment care and research advancements will give the best future outlook for those with genetic eye disorders. There are various opportunities for the patients themselves to help lead these advancements should they choose. Participation opportunities to help advance knowledge are through the Congenital Eye Disorder Program, ongoing research studies in various UVA departments, data collection projects, and clinical trials. For questions or to make an appointment, please call 833-266-4361 or 434-924-5485.

About the Program